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Bat Grips

These specially designed grips with three available thicknesses add more then just look and feel to any bat of your choice.

0.5 mm

  • Top grip chosen by Baseball pros

  • Ideal on wood bats

  • No added thickness to the handle

  • More direct feedback from the bat

1.1 mm

  • Great all-around grip for any bat

  • Balances cushion with thickness

  • Highest versatility

  • Most popular amongst all ball players

1.8 mm

  • General stock bat grip thickness

  • Highest vibration dampening effect

  • Great for youth players

  • Comfort for experienced players

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Bat Grip Thickness



Lumberjack Sports, Softball and Baseball Equipment

The Lumberjack Advantage

  • After playing in 40 degree heat in Mexico my whole uniform was soaking wet, the only thing that remained dry (because of Lumberjack Sports socks) were my feet. These are the best playing socks I have ever worn.
    Jeff Ellsworth - 15 year Team Canada Player